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Walker justified his treachery by claiming that the first classified Navy They had the machine and they had an American spy, in place.
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Amos Guiora, a professor of law at the University of Utah who teaches religion and terrorism courses, said daily group prayers in the unit are unlikely to be a terrorism concern. The daily prayers typically take "only a few minutes," according to Lindh's lawsuit.


Frank Lindh said he and John's mother take turns each month commuting from their homes in California to visit their son in Terre Haute, which is 70 miles from Indianapolis. He said he gets a minute phone call from his son every Wednesday, while John's mother gets a call every Sunday. I'm sorry he's in prison but this is the best circumstance, that he is not in the general population," the elder Lindh said. During his sentencing, he condemned terrorism and said he made a "mistake" joining the Taliban.

At the end of his testimony today, Lindh was placed in chains and transported back to Terre Haute. On Tuesday, he will be provided with a video link so he can still be present during proceedings in his case, his father said.

Virginia's Cloak-and-Dagger Headquarters?

All rights reserved. California wildfires: 50, ordered to evacuate, hundreds of thousands to lose power.

The Spy Inside (Russian Mole Documentary) - Timeline

US sanctions Zimbabwean state security minister. NYPD sergeant shot trainer he found with his wife: Lawyer. Medication lockers help homeless living with HIV. Separatists rally for release of prisoners in Barcelona.

Sailor faces charges for submarine photos on cell phone

Another racehorse dies at Santa Anita Park, raising death toll to 35 since December. DeVos held in contempt of court in loan forgiveness dispute. Impeachment inquiry prompts calls for broader protections for whistleblowers. Justice Dept. White House looking at potential staff additions to aid impeachment battle: Sources.

Trump defends calling impeachment inquiry a 'lynching'. Trump says 'we're doing very well' in Syria, Turkey. Trump records 'strongly corroborate' sex assault claims, accuser says. Katie Hill denies sexual relationship with one of her congressional staffers. Graham introduces resolution calling for more impeachment inquiry rights for Trump. Union votes to ratify deal ending strike at General Motors.

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Walker Jr. Whitworth, a retired Navy radioman on the West Coast, have been charged with espionage. Miss Andress testified at a preliminary hearing in Federal District Court in which Arthur Walker, 50 years old, was denied bail. The agent said her testimony was based on a confession that Arthur Walker made to her on May 24, four days before his arrest. Walker was not asked to enter a plea today.

United States Magistrate Gilbert R.

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Swink Jr. Meanwhile, Mr. Walker is to remain in an isolation cell at the Virginia Beach city jail.

John A. Walker Jr who spied for Soviet Union dies in prison

Under questioning by Tommy E. Miller, an Assistant United States Attorney, Miss Andress testified that Arthur Walker told her and another agent on May 24, when he was being interrogated, that in January John Walker, who is 47, had ''suggested'' to his older brother ''that he should get a job where he would have access to classified information. Records at the VSE Corporation, a military contractor which does classified research and analysis for bases in the sprawling Hampton Roads Navy complex here, show that Arthur Walker obtained an engineering job in February at the company's office in Chesapeake, Va.

According to F. The bureau said the documents were classified as ''confidential'' and were reports on malfunctioning equipment on amphibious landing ships. Miss Andress testified that Arthur Walker said he had asked his brother what he did with the classified documents and was told that ''he delivered them to the Russians.

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According to other Government affidavits, Arthur Walker told the F. The bureau said this was a reference to Mr. Whitworth, a longtime friend and former shipmate of John Walker. Whitworth, 45, was arrested June 3 in San Francisco and charged with espionage as the fourth member of the alleged spy ring. Michael Walker, a year-old sailor serving aboard the aircraft carrier Nimitz in the Mediterranean when he was arrested, was charged with espionage on May He and his father have pleaded not guilty. Arthur Walker had an unblemished record in the Navy and a reputation as a quiet but steady community leader in a comfortable, upper-middle-class subdivision of suburban Virginia Beach.