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We show you how to trace a phone and find its location from your Android. Then visit Find My Device in the same menu to enable tracking.
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The old trick of phoning yourself and following the ringtone, just won't work in all cases.

So what are your options? This can depend on your phone, but there are many apps and PC services that can work on different platforms. Here are some of the most popular options to locate mobile phones. One of the most widely used and popular apps, to help locate a mobile phone, is the Lookout mobile security app — this is available on multiple platforms, and has the added bonus of being free too. There is also a premium option, which is especially worth having for Android phone users, as you have the added options of locking out your phone, or even wiping the data, if you think your phone has been stolen.

The basic two ways you can use this application is by downloading it to your PC, or another smartphone, and then locate your phone on a map.

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If your phone is nearby you can then sound a loud alarm even if it's set to silent. Download Link. This app is so highly regarded it was included in our top five free BlackBerry apps. Find My iPhone works in much the same way as the Lookout software above, only this is for iPhones — free for iPhone 4 users, but. Register using your Apple log-in details the same as you use for iTunes.

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The phone will then be located in seconds, and you will be presented with a map pointing to where your iPhone is. It's not spookily accurate, but found my phone within maybe 10 meters, so it gives you a good idea of your phone's whereabouts.

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You then have the options of: Display Message or Play Sound, or if it is stolen, you have the additional options of Lock or Wipe. You can use this download link , from your PC, or visit the App Store to install — if you have more than one of the above Apple devices then you can use one to locate the other e. While Lookout and Find my iPhone are likely to fulfill most of your needs in locating a mobile phone, there are of course other options. WaveSecure Mobile Security , is one that was featured in our best Android security applications.

As well as helping to locate your Android phone on a map, it comes with other security features including the ability to track SIM cards inserted into the phone, as well as the calls made, which could assist in helping you recover your phone.

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If Jane has chosen to share her location with Bob, she can decide whether to share her best available location or simply which city she's in. Jane could also hide her location to keep ol' Bob in the dark from time to time, or if Jane breaks up with Bob for her neighbor Richard, then she could just remove Bob from her location list altogether. In addition to restricting specific people, Latitude will also let you do a blanket location setting for all your contacts.

You can choose to let Latitude detect your location automatically, you can also set it manually if you prefer or you can hide your location completely. According to company statements, Google only keeps your most recent shared location on its servers at any time.

If you've hidden your location, then Google doesn't hold any information on your locale at all. While this feature sounds like it could be helpful, and sometimes incredibly annoying, I wonder what this does to the notion of privacy. For example, will federal officials or the police ever try to force Google to relay your location information? Where you are can also say a lot about you especially when it comes to your free time.

But in small ways, Latitude still could change the way we live.

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A quick check of Google Maps could become a new kind of effortless mobile communication, replacing the "where are you? And despite all the effort that teenagers will waste spoofing their Latitude-scanning parents, there's the potential to track a legitimately missing child.

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There will be abuses, like the ex keeping tabs on your social life until you remember to boot them off your Friends list , and the occasional jet-setters, expecting you to track their vacation through Tuscany. Latitude will be precisely as annoying as e-mail and social networking sites and cell phones themselves — and just as useful. What won't stop Latitude, or the wider rollout of location-based tracking, is bitching about it.

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